Custom Art Inspired by Your Brand

Custom Art Inspired by Your Brand

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Are you tired of trying to curate images and visuals that align with your brand?     

I got you.

I'm here to help you make a connection with your audience and stand out from the crowd without using stock images or paying for (and designing!) on brand photoshoots. 

I’ve created this service because my heart is happy when I get to create completely personalized, unique imagery inspired by you - through the lens of my artistic style.

I want to help you elevate your visuals by harnessing the unique perspective of abstract art:
Art that’s inspired by your brand, your colors, and your vision. High quality digital files that you can crop, rotate, and use however you want to beautifully send messages to your audience. Post them to Instagram, use them as visuals on your website, Pinterest pins - the sky’s the limit!

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Package 1 - The Explorer

  • A set of 2 abstract paintings inspired by your brand (including JPEG files - great for backgrounds and stationery)*

  • One line drawing OR one painted element (transparent PNG file - great for layering and versatility).

  • One custom printed notepad using the painting as the design, so you can dream and plan about your beautiful brand.

  • One completed design: I’ll work with you to decide where you should implement your new imagery. I’ll edit the imagery to fit your goals for one completed design.
    Examples include: Instagram story highlights, website background, Instagram story template, single page print-out, etc. I reserve the right to charge extra based on the scope of the desired design.

Package 2 - The Entrepreneur

  • A set of 3 abstract paintings inspired by your brand.*

  • Two line drawings (or painted elements).

  • One notepad.

  • Two completed designs.

Paintings will be created on 8 x 10” watercolor paper, and you will choose the orientation.

Notepad is 4 x 5.5”

*Each package comes with the original paintings that will be shipped to you - so you can display them, be inspired and feel connected to your brand!

Once you add this service to your cart, you will be prompted with a form to fill out with your email.
From there, I'll be in touch - and we can get started on your beautiful, on-brand paintings!


-Unfortunately, I do not offer International shipping for this product.
-International shipping IS available for the following products: The 8x10”, the Framed Tiny, and the Custom Bouquet Painting

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