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There is bound to be variation between custom pieces, as each painting will be somewhat dependent on the client and image/inspiration provided.
However, there are ways that I help keep the consistency of my style across all my pieces. I do this to help maintain the same quality in each piece, no matter what image is provided.

Here are some of the techniques I use to maintain quality across every piece of art:
I strive to combine the same general elements in each piece: good composition, just enough color, and a balance of raw playfulness.
If an element is missing, I know I’m not being true to myself or my client - and I fix it.
I’m honored to paint for so many beautiful people, and I consider it a privilege to hold myself and my style accountable.

That being said, I am unable to offer any returns, revisions, refunds, or exchanges for any of my products.
Thank you so much for understanding, for trusting me with your special moments -
and for supporting a woman owned small business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer International Shipping?

Does my photo need to be wedding-related?
Absolutely not! I’ve done family photos, maternity photos, just portraits, etc. Really, it’s about what’s special to you.

What recommendations do you have for photo submissions for custom art?
I can work from pretty much any photo, but I do recommend looking for photos with unique angles, natural elements, closeup shots, and off-center focal points.