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I work with acrylic paint, pencil and occasionally pastels. I am all about texture, layers, and detail. I love infusing a thoughtful, yet raw playfulness into each of my pieces. My enemy is the 'overworked' piece of art. I want to let it live, move, and breathe on its own - giving life and inspiration to your home.

Because of the nature of my style, I only offer paintings on wood panels. They will arrive cradled and ready to hang. I am able to create on rectangular or square shaped panels - your choice.


I have a knack (and love) for looking at a scene and translating its colors, shapes and textures into a unique piece of art. 

While most of my custom work is based on single photos/special moments, I want you to feel free to give me as much (or as little) inspiration as you’d like. Fill a Pinterest board with whatever inspires you - and I’ll pull from that imagery to create a unique piece of art just for you. 

Or simply send me a photo - it’s your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer International Shipping?
I do offer International shipping, but only to Canada.

Does my photo need to be wedding-related?
Absolutely not! I’ve done family photos, maternity photos, just portraits, etc. Really, it’s about what’s special to you.

What recommendations do you have for photo submissions for custom art?
I can work from pretty much any photo, but I do recommend looking for photos with unique angles, natural elements, closeup shots, and off-center focal points.