How to create an on-brand Pinterest graphic (video tutorial)

pinterest graphic tutorial

I know firsthand how time-consuming content creation can be.

For example: Let's say you've got this amazing, informative blog post that you just spent HOURS on. You're all ready to share it with the world! BUT - you just realized you've gotta design a graphic that you can use to advertise this post on social media.

You just did all. that. work. and you're a tad creatively drained. But you know you need a great visual design because you don't want to compromise your brand.
Seriously, I feel this so hard!

I've been able to streamline my graphic-making process so that I don't have to waste precious creative energy every time I need to advertise a new post!
I want to help you streamline this process for yourself  by showing you how to create a simple, on-brand Pinterest graphic - that you can reuse as your own template!
Use it to advertise your blog posts, free content, or whatever your heart desires! 

Before we begin, here are some tips:

  • It's a good idea to have a general knowledge of the colors and mood that encompass your visual brand. (Also, fonts!)
  • Have a folder dedicated to your marketing imagery. (Your photos or stock photos that you feel align with your brand.)
  • You will be harnessing the power of your already-curated images to create this graphic.

These images need to be yours. Not some random pic you found on google. Phone pics are fine. Just make sure they're good quality and on-brand. (If you'd post it on your Instagram, then you're probably good!)

Don't have imagery or time to DIY it? I got you!
I've created some FREE Pinterest graphic templates for you.


Here are a few more tips before we get started:

  • Photoshop is needed for this tutorial. I'm using Photoshop CS6.
  • When you're done designing, save your final twice:
    Once as a JPG that you'll share with the world.
    And once as an editable Photoshop file that you can go back and use as a template! This is a TIME SAVER - and it keeps your branding consistent!
  • Favorite Photoshop hotkeys (for Mac)
    command+z (undo)
    command+t (transform)
    command+d (deselect)
    command+s (save)
  • This tutorial walks you through my personal process - I'm using text, content and imagery that is aligned with my brand. Use this as a starting point, and insert your own content from there.

    Here's the end result of our graphic:
    It's simple, eye-catching, and most-importantly: on-brand.

Ready? Let's do this!

If you don't have time to DIY it, remember to download my FREE Pinterest graphic templates!

Still overwhelmed? Let me do the work for you! 
I offer custom Pinterest/Instagram designs in my shop!

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