Abstract Painting From Photos - A Peek at my Process


It's time for some BTS!

A lot of you have asked me about my painting process, and you've mentioned that you'd love to see more behind the scenes action. 

Here's a photo-inspired painting I recently created.    

Here's a photo-inspired painting I recently created. 

Let me walk you through the process.


I keep an album on my phone, titled "To Paint." Whenever I'm scrolling through the 'gram, or just see a photo that I NEED to paint, I'll save it to that album. Then, when I'm in my studio, I pull up the photo and get painting!

I just glance at the picture on my phone and give myself the freedom to look away. I find that if I were to print out the photo and have it side-by-side with my painting, I'll be too tempted to make them look exactly alike.


I chose to depict this photo - by Abbi and Callen (@thehearnes)

Watch below to see me create the painting!

As you can see, I use a lot of elements other than brushes to create unique effects. I like using rags, the bottom ends of pencils, and my fingers!

These paintings usually take me just a few minutes to finish. The faster I go, the more organic the piece is - and I avoid making a piece look overworked. It's all about keeping things loose and fun!

Thanks for watching!

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