How I create digital files from my paintings (video tutorial)

convert to png file design

When I'm in my studio, I love experimenting by painting fun textures on paper.

hand painted textures

And guess what? I used my PHONE to capture these designs so I could transfer them to my computer! I've got a Galaxy S9, and the camera is fantastic. No DSLR needed here, folks!

I went from this...

I went from this...

To this! #yass

To this! #yass

Wanna learn how? Of course you do! :)

If you have a nice phone camera like me, and if you have Photoshop, you can easily convert a hand painted texture into a transparent PNG file that you can use for all the things!


Check out the tutorial below!

A few things to remember:

-Make sure your painting is dry and flat before you photograph it (and make sure you've got good, even lighting!) I like to photograph mine outside in the shade.

-Easily send your photo to your computer by simply emailing it to yourself. (I'm sure there are other ways of doing this, but this works for me!)

-After your satisfied in Photoshop, you need to save your file.
In order to preserve the transparency, you need to save your file as a PNG. Click File > Save for Web > and then adjust the settings to your liking in the dialogue box:

png tutorial

-Make sure you have PNG-8 selected, and make sure you have a good number of colors selected. If you only have 2 or 4 selected, the variation in color (depending on your design) will diminish. I just like to keep mine up at 256 because to preserve the details.

-Select diffusion transparency, and adjust the percentage while looking at the live preview to get your desired result. 

-Don't worry about any of the other fields - just go ahead and click save!

Here's a fun little design I did, layering those transparent elements on a photo by @malloryonthemoon

Here's a fun little design I did, layering those transparent elements on a photo by @malloryonthemoon

I encourage you to have fun with this! Try creating something just for the fun of it. As creativepreneurs, it's often tempting to invest every last drop of your creative energy into things that will make you money.

And that's okay, BUT, we should be taking time for ourselves - to be inspired, and to create without an agenda. That's one way we can keep from being burnt out!

Pro tip: Inspiration often comes during the process of creation, not before it. So get your hands dirty! :)

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