Rising Tide Gift Guide + A Few of my Favorites


I'm SO honored to be a Top Holiday Pick in the Rising Tide Gift Guide!

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I decided to hand pick some of my favorite shops from the RTS Gift Guide and give you a closer look. I've selected a single product from each my favorite shops that I especially love. Think of this as your personal guide...to the gift guide! Enjoy!


Hushwig Watercolors - The Prussian Palette

I LOVE handmade pigments, and I have experience making them so I know what a process it is!
During production, pigment is mulled by hand on a glass slab with a combination of gum arabic, honey, and food grade preservative. Each pigment has it’s own unique recipe that has been tested over time to ensure the perfect balance of pigment to binder.
The Prussian Palette is made up of two complimentary pigments which mix to create a stunning variety of colors: Prussian Blue and Colonial Raw Sienna. 

Raw cut linen wall hanging featuring an original illustration of snapdragon flowers. This floral art piece includes a wood frame.

Margaret and Beau - Geo Mug

I know, a mug can be kind of a boring gift. But NOT this mug!
Handmade ceramics + completely unique design = win.
I adore the geometric shapes and sharp clean lines against the rough texture of the ceramic.

Oak & Oats - Blue Marble Planter

Okay...A 3-D printed planter!?? Sign me up!
This air plant/ mini succulent planter has been 3D printed, designed, and painted in a marbled style. This fun and modern planter is perfect for your desk, windowsill, mantel, and other various home decor spaces.

Rebecca Haas Jewelry - Little Arrow Necklace

It's simple and pretty with a little bit of an edge. It is a great combination of both bohemian and minimalist, and is a great layering piece.

Jen Neal Studio - Comet Earrings

I love that it looks like a mini weaving!
These handwoven beaded earrings are made with Japanese glass beads and 14k gold earring wire.

Freshie & Zero - Wave Earrings

I'm a sucker for unique, clean shapes.
The Wave earrings have a distinctive curve to them that creates a beautifully feminine silhouette.

Twenty Two West - Custom Loom Block

I definitely did not know this was a thing. A little baby weaving on a wooden block so you can just set it on your mantle, desk...wherever! No need to hang on the wall. I also love custom pieces (duh).
Once the loom is built on the block, responsibly-sourced fibers are woven through the warp, layering in depth through colors and textures to make each loom block a one-of-a-kind display of natural textures, fibers and craftsmanship.

Resin is so mesmerizing to me! I love the contrasting textures in this piece.
This lovely pendant is created from cottonwood bark, accented with a lively swirl of soft peachy-pink resin. 

Alli K Design - Praise Hands Art Print

Plants + hand drawn illustration? YAS!

I'm pretty sure this is painted directly on the frame. Genius!
This is ideal for all your greenery enthusiasts and nature lovers!

Burst Into Bloom - Mudcloth Crossbody Bag

I love this because they wax their own canvas with a beeswax blend.

I hope you enjoyed my picks! Together let's shop creative this Holiday Season.

Feel free to check out the full Gift Guide, and remember to look for my listing so you can get that discount!